(This is a collection of my thoughts after reading The Expanding Circle by Peter Singer, a book on moral philosophy.)

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Disclaimer: Sadly, This article is not an elaborate joke about my expanding body.

We live in a post-truth world where everyone feels their position is right and the spawns of the devil on the other side have abominable views about everything that matters in the world. A reason for this chasm might be that people get their moral philosophy from different sources — some from religious or philosophical texts and others from Whatsapp texts. They use this divine knowledge to quarrel with the opposite side, in hopes of helping those heathens to reach…

(These are my recent musings about Vegetarianism triggered after watching the anime “The Promised Neverland”.)

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Yum! Should I order a steak or butter chicken?— src: Google Images

I pride myself on my ability to debate ideas about moral philosophy and especially defend my own moral positions. I know this sounds like any conspiracy theory nut who is convinced about their tinfoil theories but I hope I am self-aware enough to not fall in that trap. Admittedly, I have been wrong before and I regularly update my viewpoints when I learn more about the world¹. …

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The Starry Night — Van Gogh Source: https://www.muralswallpaper.com/ie/shop-murals/starry-night-van-gogh-art-mural-wallpaper/

The streets get quaint by the time the boy gets back to his home. It is a habit of his to take a walk, late into the night when all the noises from the city ‘s hustle-bustle have died down. It helps him justify the time spent in observing the thoughts churning in his mind, entangling among themselves like earphones in a jeans pocket.

As darkness engulfs the city, these thoughts shine with a dark slimy sheen that the boy cannot avert his attention from, no matter how much disgust it creates in him. It is as if you are…

“Is that a pond or a puddle?” — This ironical question comes to my mind as I start losing myself in thoughts while looking at the street outside my house from my bedroom window. This is a worthless exercise in figuring out if I can construe an optical illusion.

It cannot be a pond because this is a street in the middle of the city and there is no news report of a sinkhole, earthquake or flash flood in my city. If I have never seen a pond outside before, the world could not have changed this much during the…

Knock. Knock. Knock.

A slight tapping sound seeps into the room as darkness engulfs the room. The noises from the outside world become audible as soon as I wish to sleep as if your mind wants something to be distracted about. My family is fast asleep by this time and it feels I am alone in the house.

It is common for me to struggle to sleep these days. As I lay motionless on my bed, facing the wall in my room, only the world outside the room seemed to exist. …

#HalfBakedThoughts #orOvercookedOnes

People should be communist and then grow out of it. It is not a good political philosophy but to be a communist, you need a great humanist core and even if the political ideology washes away that core shall remain and protect you from deviating towards any political ideology to the extreme. In some sense, the heart of communism lies in the right place and hence everyone should attempt to understand the socialist manifesto irrespective of how it manifests itself in real-world systems. But it is important to grow out of it, for the past century is filled…

The year is 2049. It was 6'o clock on a winter morning in Shenzhen. Alongside the express highway stood two detectives in robes of black and blue, overlooking the halted pedestrian conveyor belt, in the shadows of the entangled web of flyovers and intersections which were filtering the Neon lights emanating from the city.

“This is the first time I have seen so much blood splattered around.” — said K in a peevish tone, trying to block the putrid smell of flesh in the open air with his hand.

“In the old days, detectives were used to seeing ten times…

How to start a new project: A top-down approach

Start with a small team that works in pods of 3–4 people. Each pod should have 1 senior, 2 juniors and 1 intern. They should be given a task in general and they must be free to come up with solutions. The task of higher management is to give these solutions/ideas direction based on their broader perspectives. Setting up metrics to measure progress is a good way to enable this kind of hands-off approach. It also allows the teams to keep track of their progress.

To start building the pod, the first goal should be hiring selectively for the seniors…

“The only way humans have figured out how to move forward is to leave something behind.” — TARS#Best robot ever.

The quote registered in his mind, as he watched the blockbuster movie “Interstellar” for the umpteenth time. It lay there dormant when suddenly it returned to him as he went through his daily philosophical motions on the loo. Going through his Instagram feed, he felt sadness for there are innumerable things he could be doing instead of doing this…..

Our time here is fixed and our free will allows us to choose anything. There may be infinite freedom to choose…

A sense of foreboding makes no logical sense to someone who believes in the nullity of all actions, a nihilist. Still, the apparent truth of the absurd world is unable to help us in averting us from the edge of the precipice, staring directly into abyss of inevitable death. It just destroys what used to rest within our hearts that assuaged our deepest fears. We will be pushed off it one day and nothing can make the jump peaceful.

That is why academic philosophy pertaining to meaning of life is counterproductive in our quotidian lives for all it does is…

Atabak Ashfaq

I write when I am depressed.

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