Failed Atavism: The chronicles of Ata’back

A sense of foreboding makes no logical sense to someone who believes in the nullity of all actions, a nihilist. Still, the apparent truth of the absurd world is unable to help us in averting us from the edge of the precipice, staring directly into abyss of inevitable death. It just destroys what used to rest within our hearts that assuaged our deepest fears. We will be pushed off it one day and nothing can make the jump peaceful.

That is why academic philosophy pertaining to meaning of life is counterproductive in our quotidian lives for all it does is to leave a void created by destruction of all faith of frenetic manner. That is why heart feels like sinking, grasping at any straws reminiscent of the innocent past.

Any attempt is fruitless for blackness of doubt stains the canvas of our mind, the curse of rationality plagues our eternal souls fated to live in a constant reminder of the supposed reality of the world.

But today if you need any help, to try to give into the frenzy of a certain purpose that will deliver salvation, let us lift our hands in a silent invocation and repeat with closed eyes.

I write when I am depressed.

I write when I am depressed.