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  • Valentina Salvatierra

    Valentina Salvatierra

    Literature, art, TV, interesting miscellanea. I enjoy cooking, eating, and speculative fiction. Credo: Non-paralysing perfectionism & humanist aestheticism.

  • Shuvi Shrivastava

    Shuvi Shrivastava

    So opposed to the mainstream that I have never owned an Android phone.

  • Devi Parikh

    Devi Parikh

    Research Director at Facebook AI Research. Associate Professor at Georgia Tech. Generative Artist. Artificial Intelligence.

  • Taha Abbas

    Taha Abbas

    Deep thinker. Interested in philosophy, metaphysics and mysticism. tahawada99@gmail.com http://taha-all-one.blogspot.com/

  • Christina Kim

    Christina Kim

    Machine Learning Engineer at a YC startup. Prev: ML research fellow at Recurse Center, CS + HCI at Northwestern. Follow me on twitter @christinahkim

  • Shristi Jaiswal

    Shristi Jaiswal

    Flash fictions, Essays and Poetry// I love all things aesthetic probably to an unhealthy extent

  • Rolli


    Creator. Fiction/poetry/cartoons in New York Times, Playboy, Saturday Evening Post, Wall Street Journal, Walrus. Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/rolliwrites

  • Utkarsh Malhotra

    Utkarsh Malhotra

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